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Information for patients

Cobalt Hospital is a Ramsay Health hospital. Ramsay Health was originally established in Australia over 50 years ago and we are proud of our motto ‘People Caring for People’ and we ensure this is reflected in every aspect of your stay.

There are three ways you can receive treatment at Cobalt Hospital:

  • By paying for your own treatment
    You can pay for your own treatment at Cobalt Hospital and we also have an option for Fixed Cost Care so that you can spread the cost of your treatment .
  • By using your private medical insurance (PMI)
    You can use your medical insurance to fund your treatment at Cobalt Hospital. Click here for more information .
  • As an NHS patient 
    Cobalt Hospital is available for certain procedures as a choice on the NHS. Speak to your GP for more information around the choice you have when choosing your preferred place of treatment.

Your journey with Cobalt Hospital

Before or after your stay we are just at the end of the phone to answer any queries you might have and the following information explains the process step by step:

Private Patient Advisor

If you are paying for your own treatment, or using your private medical insurance, we have a Private Patient Advisor to take you through the process start to finish. Click here for more details .