Why refer to Cobalt Hospital?

 At Cobalt Hospital we continue to strive towards providing the highest standards of care.

Why Refer

GP practices will receive the following benefits:

  1.        Short Wait Times
  2.        Strong Reputation (Recognised as one North Tyneside’s leading independent hospitals)
  3.        Consultant-Led Care

NHS & private patients will receive the following benefits:

Our Care

  • Short Wait Times
  • Dedicated Aftercare & Support
  • Consultant-Led Care
    100% Family & Friends Score (100% patients are likely to recommend to friends and family)

Our Facilities

  • Two Theatres (Including one laminar air flow and an endoscopy theatre)
    6 Day Case Pods (Patients can be home the same day)
  • Discreet Central Location
  • Free Onsite Parking 

Private Patients Only

  • Fast & Flexible Appointments (Within 72 hours for private patients*)
  • Your Choice of Consultant/Specialist
  • Private Patient In Room Extras
  • Total Care Fixed Price Package (For private patients with no hidden extras)
  • Interest Free Finance (For those thinking of going private)

GP Referral Hotline

0191 2703 259

(24 hours)

Online Referral Form

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Referral Process

  • Simply send a referral letter via our secure online system or post.

  • In the meantime your patient can contact their local Ramsay Hospital directly to arrange a convenient appointment.

  • If the patient does not contact us we will contact them to arrange an appointment according to the details provided on the referral.

Online Referral Form